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The Ogg project has failed – I thought it would be cool to make these ogg file music pages – but as I checked them again tonight the ogg files were not working correctly. I had new ideas for a design for mudball in a more psychedelic direction so while updating the design I decided to kill the ogg file pages and replace them with mp3 pages with built in flash mp3 players and cover art. I also removed some ads/links that were not relative to the site. Hope to do more work shortly and add some additional album titles.


Real Content is King

Posted: January 31, 2011 in internet, website design
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Finally an outlet for my writing skills has arrived. With all the article software and spinners out there destroying the word I have decided to create real content. I have begun to publish articles to some of the article websites. Here is the main site I have found to be very good for publishing: This site looks very professional and I receive almost instant approval on my articles. While many people abuse the system and spin many articles I choose to write real articles with good content instead. Recently I have also been making big changes to my main website at : This site will be full of useful information, tutorials, and more. It will be my central web hub of activity.

The latest creation I have come up with is the ogg file music website. Not only that, but I crafted a short informational site on creating a music website in order to give ideas and inspiration to others that may be thinking of making a music website. While the idea is not new some of the techniques that I use are experimental and new. Others could use this information to come up with a music website that they will be proud of. You can find the new information website here at this link.
Music Creation Website

Someone has attacked my websites of anixas and mudball records. It was too much trouble to fix them and my webhost was no help in the matter at all. Therefore, my solution was to delete them completely. I kept the domain names and will be pointing them elsewhere. If anyone visits my sites right now they may look a little strange until I get this all sorted out.

The new design is complete. Some linked pages will still need tweaked a bit but for the most part it is
finished and all links should be working.
screenshot of mudball
Mudball Records

Major Re-Design of Mudball

Posted: November 16, 2009 in music, website design
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I have totally revamped my Mudball Site. Along with the overhaul I plan to make mp3 players for each of the artist pages. As of today there is only one at the Green Dot page. The others sill have ogg files.
Here is a screenshot of the new design.
New Mudball Website
Go to Website

Neuroplaster MAWG

Posted: October 14, 2009 in internet, music, website design

Redoing Mudball Records website. First band section is now in place. That is “Neuroplaster MAWG” a crazy project from 2004. Here is the Link to that new portion.
Neuroplaster MAWG

neuroplaster Mawg

neuroplaster Mawg