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Here We Go.

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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wow, have not posted in a couple of years. Time goes by. Many new projects on the horizon. I have a serious mindwarp going at the moment. We are talking about internet marketing, social marketing, music promotion and more. There is a renewed sense of value. Hopefully I will be able to pay more attention to my blog and utilize it for some of these activities. There is too much to do. 


New Podcast AOA Episode 2

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here is the link

Ubuntu Linux

Posted: May 22, 2010 in internet, Linux, music, Uncategorized

I have posted in my various blogs of my adventures between various versions of Linux and sometimes going back to Windows OS. However, Ubuntu Linux has proven to be the best and most stable of all the operating systems I have tried. I used to download all kinds of various Linux distros and test them out. I really have no reason to do that anymore , Ubuntu does everything that I need. As I write this now I am listening to streaming music using my LastFM client. I can easily update my blog using the FireFox web browser. If I want to edit some music, I launch the Audacity program. If I need to convert a wav file to an mp3 file to upload to a music site, I launch my sound converter program. If I would like to make a multitrack recording I load up my Linux Multimedia Studio or LMMS. So, thanks to the Ubuntu team for making my pc a joy to work with.

Like many others right now several of my sites hosted on GoDaddy were recently hacked and infected with Malware. I first attempted to clean them and change all my passwords. However, the attack continued. When I contacted their support I was presented with a form letter on how I was supposed to be protecting my sites. I soon canceled my hosting plan. This proved to be a blessing in disguise. I did not realize the amount of free hosting providers out there. The majority of what I was using the sites for was various personal hobbies such as music. My main music website was such a jumbled mess anyways it deserved to be thrown out with the trash. There are many great sites out there that let you upload your mp3 files that you personally create. I’ve always tried to think also about how to always have fresh content on my home pages – trying various ideas like news feeds, etc. So, I have come up with a plan to take advantage of all the great free services out here on the internet. I do have 3 blogs that I by no means at this time update on a regular basis. Hopefully, that is about to change. By using a combination of Free Web Hosting, Free music/artist websites, and using 2 of my three blogs to feed in fresh content I should now be back in business. So, welcome to the new Mudball Records website.

Someone has attacked my websites of anixas and mudball records. It was too much trouble to fix them and my webhost was no help in the matter at all. Therefore, my solution was to delete them completely. I kept the domain names and will be pointing them elsewhere. If anyone visits my sites right now they may look a little strange until I get this all sorted out.

Recently been experimenting with techno/trance type music. Most new music should be posted at Reverbnation. If all goes well there will be a widget attached to this post that has the songs in it.

Band email marketing

Where do I take all my old cassette tapes, vinyl albums, cd’s? If I put them in a Garage Sale they sell for pennies if at all. Even on Ebay they bring little. I could digitize them all and throw them out but there are two problems with that. First, more clutter for the landfills and Second, most of this music has already been digitized by someone. It would be very time consuming to digitize all of this myself and why should I when it has already been done. I own these tapes , records and cd’s. I purchased them all. At the time when they were made no-one knew we were moving into a digital future full of mp3’s, Ogg’s, and other files.  I could obtain most of these songs using a program such as Limewire that would search for all of these songs and let me download them for free. However, this is illegal as you cannot share copyrighted material. I could purchase them through a source such as Itunes or Lala, but why should I have to pay for something again that I already purchased just because the format has changed? I have an idea that would create jobs, promote recycling and curb the sharing of copyrighted music. I propose there should be centers all over the country where I could order a mailing box. I could then place up to 10 items in this box; cd’s, records, tapes. I pay for the box and postage. The center receives the box and documents the contents. The music is then made available to me to be able to download in digital format. The centers could have servers or be connected to Google, Itunes, etc. someplace where my songs could be available for a 1 week period to give me time to download them. I could also pay an additional fee to have the songs stored on  a server for $10 a month. I would not pay for the songs but I would pay a processing fee of $2.00 per cd, record, or tape. The Records, Tapes and CD’s then get sent to recycling centers to be melted and re-used. This would also help to get all of the music digitized. Most of it (I believe) already is, so that work is done already – it would be more of sorting out the red tape with the record labels, music publishers, itunes, etc. as to how to coordinate all this together. There could be other centers set up that actually do the digitizing of media for items that are sent in that are not currently available in digital format anywhere.  You can see many jobs would be created to do all the processing and digitizing work. I am not a business major by any means, so others could probably find additional or better ways of making profits by doing this. I personally would just like to use a service like this if it were available. I also believe many others would take advantage of it as well.