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Fave OS

Posted: May 5, 2009 in mac
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After contemplating purchasing a mac lately I instead transformed my Windows XP PC into a fake one using Flyakite see

I now have all the beauty and look of the mac osx but I can use all of my windows programs – I am loving it actually – I have not seen anything yet convincing me that there is better software out there for macs than for all of the great software I already have for xp. Goes for Linux as well, keep trying that since it is free but always come back to XP as my main os, oh, Vista was no picnic either, and is crazy hard to fix when it goes down , so far in my research and testing almost always requires a format to repair – sucks bad – so I am still going with xp but macified. and here is a cool new “beta” antivirus program to try out if you dare. It’s FREE!!