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New Linux Lens

Posted: February 1, 2011 in internet, Linux
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The next part of my online adventure is over at This new lens is called Taming The Dragon and is a look back on some of my first experiences using the linux operating system.
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Since there seems to be no netflix client for my Ubuntu Linux system and I have a valid Netflix membership that I pay for monthly I , of course, had to overcome this barrier. I mean, why should I be “forced” to boot into a Windows OS just to watch a movie on Netflix? I had played around with some Operating systems inside of virtual boxes before but they had always been a little sluggish. Since it had been a couple years and I had newer hardware and more ram now I though I would give it a shot , so I installed VirtualBox OSE within linux. Inside of this I made a new install of one of my Windows XP Pro disks. Guess what? It works fine , not sluggish at all. The only slight drawback is trying to get the right screen resolution. Sometimes I lose the bottom of the screen and I have to use the side scroll bar to get down to my taskbar and start menu but this is a minor problem. I choose instead to stay with a slightly smaller window where I can see the entire desktop. I install the web app for my Netflix watch instantly and now I can easily watch my movies (that I already pay for) inside of Linux. So if you are wondering how to do this or if it will work for you my hardware is not stellar by any means. I only have 2GB of ram and an MSI board that is a couple years old running an AMD Athlon II X2 245 (dual core) processor. I can watch movies just fine with no lag. So here is your solution and to all Linux people out there – if they won’t give us a way to do this then we make our own. Check here for my latest offers:

AOA Episode 2

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Linux, music

Episode 2
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Show Notes : May 28th 2010
This is the Bridge Episode – to prepare one for what is to come:
Some general Linux information, Poetry with David Deassumpcao, Aspect of a Turtle (song : Asphalt) + plus news of current television shows.
Mastermind Team’s Robcast

Computer America



Ubuntu Linux

Posted: May 22, 2010 in internet, Linux, music, Uncategorized

I have posted in my various blogs of my adventures between various versions of Linux and sometimes going back to Windows OS. However, Ubuntu Linux has proven to be the best and most stable of all the operating systems I have tried. I used to download all kinds of various Linux distros and test them out. I really have no reason to do that anymore , Ubuntu does everything that I need. As I write this now I am listening to streaming music using my LastFM client. I can easily update my blog using the FireFox web browser. If I want to edit some music, I launch the Audacity program. If I need to convert a wav file to an mp3 file to upload to a music site, I launch my sound converter program. If I would like to make a multitrack recording I load up my Linux Multimedia Studio or LMMS. So, thanks to the Ubuntu team for making my pc a joy to work with.

strange linux problem srst failed

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Linux, pc repair

Encountered a good one tonight. I attempted to add an IDE hard drive into my pc. This machine is running Ultimate Edition 2.3. There was no problem using this with my Sata hard drive and a DVD RW (IDE). However , the pc did not like it when I had a second CD RW (IDE) plugged in. I really did not need that second drive so I had removed it. So tonight I add an old IDE Hard Drive into the mix. The first thing that I notice is that the boot time in the Bios is taking longer. Then I get 2 error messages that contain the text “ata3 SRST failed errno16” . So I google this error and WOWEE ZOWEE are there massive amounts of people having these issues. So crazy. I read through a couple forums with many people having this problem but no one offering solutions. It is really not that important to add this data drive it was more of a “nice add on” than something I really need at the moment. You would not think it would be this much of a problem to simply add an extra hard drive to a computer. I love linux and have been using it as my main os but issues like this are not good. So now I will take the pc apart again and remove the extra drive – not worth the hassle of combating this problem.

Ultimate Edition 2.3

Posted: August 20, 2009 in internet, Linux

Favorite new operating system. This is based on Ubuntu but for legal reasons the Ubuntu name has been dropped – it is like Ubuntu on steroids – fantastic – now my main pc.

My Desktop

My Desktop

Creating Music in Linux

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Linux, music

One of the things holding me back from ditching windows completely and moving to Linux has always been creating music. I am used to programs like Magix Music Maker and Sony Acid (actually I was using it way back when it was Sonic Foundary). I was having problems finding a comparable program in Linux to record with (primarily Loop Based recordings. Lately I have been back in Linux – this time Ubuntu and Vector Linux – I am recording with Audacity and then using LMMS (Linux Multi Media Studio) for putting the loops together – now that I understand how LMMS works – it is a rather nice program. I just add a stack of sample tracks – then you just double click in the empty track area where you want your loops to go – of course you can drag them around also – hope this helps anyone that is looking to record this way. The documentation is kinda lacking for LMMS but I did find some and a couple of you tube videos.