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Posted: September 14, 2010 in games, internet

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I purchased this Funkey starter kit tonight – looked like fun – short games plus different little Funkey creatures that you attach to a main usb hub – each one unlocking different games and content. I had read several reviews before purchasing it (I bought the starter pack plus 2 singles) This was the Dream State pack and it was on sale. The reviews were all positive. Hence This POST. This thing is a piece of crap and I am returning it to the store tomorrow. When I attach any of the Funkeys to the hub I get an error message to re-attach the Funkey or call a 1-800 number – I did both – no solutions – the number directed me to a mattel website where they offer no help but instead tell you to call a number. I tried all of the Funkey characters I had – four in all – they all did the same thing, I updated the software, found a fix online about an rdf file – tried that – looked at multiple posts – most had to do with Vista but I have XP – the Vista ones said to run as Admin – this did not help me – I found another post that said the actual software that comes with the Dream State pack is faulty right out of the box and that I may have to order a cd from mattel. No thanks.

About all I was able to do on the mattel help site was to fill out a survey and tell them how bad their help site was. 

So be warned if thinking of purchasing these things – while searching for my problem I found multiple other people having the same problems – hopefully I get my cash back tomorrow for this piece of crap. 

I post this number one as a warning to consumers and two as a warning to mattel to get the problem resolved and have some information on the help site to actually help consumers with this problem. As for me I just want my money back.