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If you are a home based internet marketer you will no doubt realize that you have so many choices it is insane. Tracking is one example. Do you want to track if so, which tracker to use. Then, which sites do you want to put in your tracker. Do you have your own sites that you own? Are you promoting other people’s programs as an affiliate marketer? If you are on traffic exchanges are you using text links, banner links, and website links? Do you use safe-lists and mailers? Are you building down-lines, and if so, which programs are you using to do that? Do you use social media for promotion? If so, which platforms? I personally use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out the link below if you need the answers to all or most of the above, I believe it will help you make the right choices. (This is an advertisement for RIIAB by Anixas the Ad Wizard)