Netflix within Linux OS

Posted: September 1, 2010 in internet, Linux
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Since there seems to be no netflix client for my Ubuntu Linux system and I have a valid Netflix membership that I pay for monthly I , of course, had to overcome this barrier. I mean, why should I be “forced” to boot into a Windows OS just to watch a movie on Netflix? I had played around with some Operating systems inside of virtual boxes before but they had always been a little sluggish. Since it had been a couple years and I had newer hardware and more ram now I though I would give it a shot , so I installed VirtualBox OSE within linux. Inside of this I made a new install of one of my Windows XP Pro disks. Guess what? It works fine , not sluggish at all. The only slight drawback is trying to get the right screen resolution. Sometimes I lose the bottom of the screen and I have to use the side scroll bar to get down to my taskbar and start menu but this is a minor problem. I choose instead to stay with a slightly smaller window where I can see the entire desktop. I install the web app for my Netflix watch instantly and now I can easily watch my movies (that I already pay for) inside of Linux. So if you are wondering how to do this or if it will work for you my hardware is not stellar by any means. I only have 2GB of ram and an MSI board that is a couple years old running an AMD Athlon II X2 245 (dual core) processor. I can watch movies just fine with no lag. So here is your solution and to all Linux people out there – if they won’t give us a way to do this then we make our own. Check here for my latest offers:


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