Creating the new podcast

Posted: June 1, 2010 in music, Podcast

Due to the extra long weekend I have been able to record many pieces for the new podcast AOA 3. This will begin the experimental series. Three synthesizer pieces were recorded. One long part of Linux Speak was recorded with Aspect music in the background and then a layer of white noise via a FM radio tuned to static. David had sent me a couple of pieces that I have used as well. Also, since there was an extra day and I had some spare time I have also created 2 strange spoken/word or poetry type pieces and a song called “Vamp” recorded with a clean guitar sound layered in 2 parts with a vocal also in 2 parts – I then transformed this musical piece by adding a fractal effect with Audacity and layered the Original with the Fractal FX to create an interesting sound. All that is left is to put the pieces together into an actual podcast. This should be ready tonight or tomorrow.

mike colors

Playing Guitar


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