Ubuntu Linux

Posted: May 22, 2010 in internet, Linux, music, Uncategorized

I have posted in my various blogs of my adventures between various versions of Linux and sometimes going back to Windows OS. However, Ubuntu Linux has proven to be the best and most stable of all the operating systems I have tried. I used to download all kinds of various Linux distros and test them out. I really have no reason to do that anymore , Ubuntu does everything that I need. As I write this now I am listening to streaming music using my LastFM client. I can easily update my blog using the FireFox web browser. If I want to edit some music, I launch the Audacity program. If I need to convert a wav file to an mp3 file to upload to a music site, I launch my sound converter program. If I would like to make a multitrack recording I load up my Linux Multimedia Studio or LMMS. So, thanks to the Ubuntu team for making my pc a joy to work with.


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