Malware killed my website

Posted: May 22, 2010 in internet, music, Uncategorized

Like many others right now several of my sites hosted on GoDaddy were recently hacked and infected with Malware. I first attempted to clean them and change all my passwords. However, the attack continued. When I contacted their support I was presented with a form letter on how I was supposed to be protecting my sites. I soon canceled my hosting plan. This proved to be a blessing in disguise. I did not realize the amount of free hosting providers out there. The majority of what I was using the sites for was various personal hobbies such as music. My main music website was such a jumbled mess anyways it deserved to be thrown out with the trash. There are many great sites out there that let you upload your mp3 files that you personally create. I’ve always tried to think also about how to always have fresh content on my home pages – trying various ideas like news feeds, etc. So, I have come up with a plan to take advantage of all the great free services out here on the internet. I do have 3 blogs that I by no means at this time update on a regular basis. Hopefully, that is about to change. By using a combination of Free Web Hosting, Free music/artist websites, and using 2 of my three blogs to feed in fresh content I should now be back in business. So, welcome to the new Mudball Records website.

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