strange linux problem srst failed

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Linux, pc repair

Encountered a good one tonight. I attempted to add an IDE hard drive into my pc. This machine is running Ultimate Edition 2.3. There was no problem using this with my Sata hard drive and a DVD RW (IDE). However , the pc did not like it when I had a second CD RW (IDE) plugged in. I really did not need that second drive so I had removed it. So tonight I add an old IDE Hard Drive into the mix. The first thing that I notice is that the boot time in the Bios is taking longer. Then I get 2 error messages that contain the text “ata3 SRST failed errno16” . So I google this error and WOWEE ZOWEE are there massive amounts of people having these issues. So crazy. I read through a couple forums with many people having this problem but no one offering solutions. It is really not that important to add this data drive it was more of a “nice add on” than something I really need at the moment. You would not think it would be this much of a problem to simply add an extra hard drive to a computer. I love linux and have been using it as my main os but issues like this are not good. So now I will take the pc apart again and remove the extra drive – not worth the hassle of combating this problem.

  1. Bruce in New Zealand says:

    Hmm – seems to affecting a lot of people – on both SATA and IDE. I tend to think form reading all the discussion that the problems with seeing the drives (hard and oprical) is a symptom and not the cause.. we wait with anticipation to see how the community will sort this out here:

    Although I have been fortunate enough to have moved onto new hardware to run MythBuntu 9.04 and not have these issues.

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