Creating Music in Linux

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Linux, music

One of the things holding me back from ditching windows completely and moving to Linux has always been creating music. I am used to programs like Magix Music Maker and Sony Acid (actually I was using it way back when it was Sonic Foundary). I was having problems finding a comparable program in Linux to record with (primarily Loop Based recordings. Lately I have been back in Linux – this time Ubuntu and Vector Linux – I am recording with Audacity and then using LMMS (Linux Multi Media Studio) for putting the loops together – now that I understand how LMMS works – it is a rather nice program. I just add a stack of sample tracks – then you just double click in the empty track area where you want your loops to go – of course you can drag them around also – hope this helps anyone that is looking to record this way. The documentation is kinda lacking for LMMS but I did find some and a couple of you tube videos.


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