Ubuntu and sound input

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Linux, music

Lately I have been experimenting with sound settings in various Linux distros attempting to record sound from an external source into a pc. I first tried Puppy Linux (one of the the offshoots called puppitup supposedly for multimedia and the latest Mandriva One 2009. This testing was on 2 pc’s with combos of onboard sound and sound cards, a mix of via onboard, nforce audio, and sound blaster cards. I tried for FOUR hours to get either of these distros to record incoming sound using any of the sound hardware – attempting multiple configurations with the operating system and I could not make audacity capture the sound. I then pulled out my latest Ubuntu disk currently 9.04. Although I liked Mandriva (a lot) I have to be able to record incoming sound. I then overwrote the Mandriva distro with the latest Ubuntu and what do you know , I was able to record incoming sound within 5 minutes after the install. Ubuntu Rules – they are doing everything right. I just want my computer to work – and with Ubuntu it does. Also for any musicians out there coming from windows I can relate my latest experiences to you , I have found using Audacity and LMMS to record with on Linux work well for me personally.  I find Ardour to be confusing. Thank you.

  1. GregE says:

    If you want to process music

    Ubuntu Studio <- Ubuntu based obviously

    Studio64 <- Debian Based

    Both have Jack configured out of the box and a large array of music tools.

    Lots of tools to try. Try both with your hardware and pick one.


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