hotmail in linux

Posted: June 27, 2009 in internet, Linux

This is so insane. Is Microsoft trying to annoy all of it’s users so bad that they all leave? I have a Hotmail account that I have had for years (and I pay them for premium). While in Mandriva tonight I needed to check my mail and respond to one. Reply does not work – could not reply to an email in hotmail, tried Firefox and Konqueror. So then I checked some forum posts and many people have this problem after some update that Microsoft did to the Live Mail service – seeming to intentionally stop it from working in Linux. I have been irriated at Microsoft for several reasons and now this is a further reason to stop using all of their products. I am at the moment attempting to migrate fully away from Windows and into Linux. Now I am also going to migrate away from Hotmail. Thanks MS – way to go.


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