Linux and YouTube

Posted: June 22, 2009 in internet, Linux

This is driving me nuts. I keep trying to give Linux a chance but it never works right for me. I have tried using Dynebolic – unable to get you tube videos playing and now I just installed the latest Ubuntu 9.04 desktop edition – guess what? they won’t play on this either. I installed all the plugins it kept prompting me for and still no luck. I get the preview image of a video but when I click to play it I either get locked up or sound with no picture, etc. but never do I get to actually watch a video – attempted you tube, google videos, and 2 other random video websites. XP still seems to be my main os that everything works right on. I am not sure if I want to be switching to Windows 7 when it comes out so I was attempting Linux again but this is terrible , also I thought maybe the pc had issues (hardware or something) so I rebooted into XP to check video playback. All the videos play just fine in Windows XP. Why is it so hard to have  working flash video playback?


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