Gos Space – Vista and XP

Posted: December 1, 2008 in internet, Linux
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Windows XP has been my choice of OS lately (past few weeks) as everything works in it and all the software and games I need to use work flawlessly. I was attempting to like and use Vista but my pc kept locking up on me – it’s not the hardware because I have XP on the same pc and it is just fine.  I have also been kinda bored with Linux lately – keep downloading and trying but not finding anything real different, until now. This week I discovered GOS Space and Wanky!! this is HOT!! Finally something new and different and a lot of Flair! to boot.

Great job on this one – I am now using XP Pro on one pc and GOS SPACE on the other – nice mix. I don’t use my space as a social tool like the young folks do – but I have a music page on there and the GOS SPACE is setup for the MY SPACE generation – and it’s built on UBUNTU!! So you know it’s great.

Whoopee I am using linux again!



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