CSS Problems

Posted: October 10, 2008 in website design
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So, I design websites and was attempting to move from Old School to new school. I am pretty proficient in HTML coding and know how to work with frames, tables, etc. I get this new book that is teaching me XHTML and CSS and I have also been studying CSS online. So on my latest website project I decide to go ahead and go with a CSS based website with no tables. This seems to be the new method that everyone is raving about and online people are saying not to use tables. Ok, so I do the whole website and I check it at W3C and it passes validation (after I fixed one error) so far so good. The website works with Firefox, Google Chrome, and on a MAC with Safari and Internet Explorer. But Wait! It does not work with Internet Explorer 7 in Windows!!!! The whole left side shifts down even though my code is error free! So what is the deal? I have searched all night for solutions and found none and tons of people seem to have issues with IE7 and CSS so now my thoughts are that maybe it is not a good idea to move forward into this whole CSS realm when it does not work right with the browser that most people use. I am now thinking of redoing the whole site with tables like I have always done. I know that will work. What good is CSS if IE7 has so many issues with it?

  1. salohcin says:

    Semantic, structured HTML is good for a number of reasons:

    – Lighter pages mean lower bandwidth costs, faster loading pages

    – Easier to make style changes without touching HTML

    – Accessible to more users

    – Accessible pages are search engine friendly

    – Just like CSS, JavaScript can hook into well structured pages

    I urge you to continue along the route of using HTML for content, CSS to present the content and JavaScript to enhance the sites you build. Yes, Internet Explorer is troublesome. One tip is to build your website against a modern browser that fully supports standards first, e.g. Firefox. Once you have it working, then fix for IE6, IE7, etc…

    Good luck and avoid table-based sites at all costs!

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