Puppy Linux 4.0

Posted: September 7, 2008 in internet, Linux
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So I have been using Windows XP almost exclusively lately – past 2 weeks or so. I thought I would give Puppy Linux 4 a go on the lastest pc that I built. Video configured fine, internet configured fine, sound was not. I ran the sound configuration and got my woof – so good. But Wait, I installed flash really easily via the puppy package manager launched SeaMonkey and did my YouTube test – I had partitioned a 2GB Flash Drive with ext3 that I was going to use to save files while using the live cd – However – as usual when I go to play a YouTube video THERE IS NO SOUND!!! What is this crap? Test FAILED!!! Now I am about to repartition my Flash Drive so I can use it in XP and I am going back to my Windows XP system where everything works and where I will have sound in YouTube.


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