Virus Problems

Posted: July 22, 2008 in internet, pc repair
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Where is everyone getting XP Antivirus? So many people are getting infected with this thing right now – you can call it a virus or malware or extortion who knows? Some people think Microsoft is trying to get them to buy it because it has the letters XP in it. Windows XP Service Pack 3 still seems to be causing problems right now. I am only installing this on new builds that are not AMD. Linux is finally easing it’s way into the mainstream – I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. With the Asus mini laptops really catching on , now several other companies are going to release similar products with Linux. At this moment I bounce between Vista, XP, and 3 versions of Linux : Freespire, Ubuntu, and Puppy – they all work great for me but I tend to be in XP overall more than the others with Puppy being the next. I like Puppy because I can play with it – in a technical nature – and the boot time is extraordinary. There are multiple version of xp antivirus and vista antivirus 2008 , tons of something called Vundo, wow! These are crazy and they are popping up all over – tons of infections. One guy said it came right through an email message he was reading.
  1. Vundo says:

    Win XP antivirus 2008 normally always comes wiht a Zlob trojan and virtumonde or vundo. At least in my experience.

    A simple thing to try is to do a system restore. go back in time to when you were not infected. Then update and run your security product and remove any left over traces. does not always work but a good way to go.

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