Live One Care 0X04601C01

Posted: July 22, 2008 in internet, pc repair
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Today I experienced the 0X04601C01 error while trying to run a live one care safety scan. It would not start and generated that error. The suggestion at that point was to check the forums for a solution. So I tried that, ha ha. A lot of people seemed to be searching for a solution but I saw no solution, one post read see post 101 for the answer , I quickly tried finding post 101 but that seemed to also be impossible. So next I searched google – nothing there either. I had to solve it myself. This was a Windows XP Pro SP2 pc with the problem – and it was the free scanner not the paid version. I then tried a repair install of Windows XP Pro on the problematic pc then ran all my windows updates. And, what do you know , that solved the problem for me. Now I can happily run the free safety scan again with no dreaded 0X04601C01 errors. Hope this helps if anyone else has this problem.

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