Posted: July 22, 2008 in Linux
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Freespire/Linspire upset me recently when I went to use click and run. I used to LOVE this service as a great way to install Linux software. Well, they ruined it. There were all these additions, many not free, just a big cluttered mess I had to wade through. Then I found something I wanted to install and I got an error that it would not work with my os. I never had issues like this before, sucks, why did they ruin it? So then I heard that Xandros was purchasing Linspire. Ok , Xandros is nice , I have used it before, it is nice and clean and works great, but now I need Freespire even less. Delete. Yep, I wiped it. Thought I would go back and try a Debian install again. I have not done one of those in a while and I heard the installation was made smoother in the latest release. I also wanted to try the install with the single cd / internet installation based iso. That seemed interesting. I did and it worked great, if you have a high speed internet connection , it is a great way to install Debian, and yes the install was much easier than what I remember from the last time I did one , and took a lot less time to complete, yea Debian, woot woot!


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