Posted: July 6, 2008 in internet

I was reading about Hulu this weekend for those that don’t know it is a site with tv, movies, clips etc. similar to YouTube or Google Video but with more mainstream content provided by NBC and Fox. There are commercials but these were very tolerable. I watched an episode of Eureka to test the service. Video qualitiy was a little blurry at full screen but not bad – commercials were kept to a minimum – four or five times (I’m guessing)  over the 43 minutes a commercial would come on for what seemed like 30 seconds and then I would be right back to the program. There was no lag – no buffering or starting/stopping of the video. I watched it from beginning to end with no problems. There is a nice pop out feature if you want to watch a program while you are doing something else. Also, what is really great for me – I was doing all this in UBUNTU Linux!! So yep, you don’t need Windows to do Hulu!! Awesome.

I still prefer some of the content on YouTube or Google video more – I like a lot of the non-mainstream stuff plus there is a lot of good tech stuff on those services but , if you just want to watch some mainstream tv shows or catch a movie (at this time they have around 100) Hulu is a good place to do it.


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