HP XH535 Notebook

Posted: July 6, 2008 in pc repair
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This post is due to the fact that I was searching all over the internet to find out where the hard drive is on this notebook. I never did find any help on the net. But, I did locate the hard drive myself so I thought I would post in case others are looking for it. The hard drive is actually located underneath the keyboard on this notebook. There is a plastic piece that contains the power button and other buttons above the keyboard. This plastic piece also has two hinge covers attached to it they are screwed on in the back. Take those two screws out then pop off the plastic piece. It has a bunch of plastic tabs that pop out. Then you can get to the keyboard is is held in with 4 screws at the top and some tabs at the bottom that just slide out. Now you can see your hard drive. The hard drive is in a metal bracket – you now have to loosen all the screws in this bracket to get it out and then unscrew the hard drive from the bracket once you remove it. Hope this helps anyone else that is having trouble finding the hard drive in an HP XH 535 Notebook.

  1. Rick says:

    Was the hard drive IDE? Were you able to replace it? I was thinking of getting one of these to run Ubuntu from, or Damn Small Linux, if need be.

  2. shineforme says:

    Yes it was ide and the replacement went fine once I figured out where it was at.

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