Free Virus Protection

Posted: July 6, 2008 in Linux
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Want to protect yourself online? Do you go to questionable websites? All you have to do is figure out how to burn an .iso image. Then go download one of the thousands of freely available Live Linux CD’s or DVD’s. Burn your disc then reboot the computer and your Live Linux cd will start up. If you have broadband internet your connection should be detected automatically. Since  you are running off of a cd it cannot be infected with anything. Do your web-browsing safely with Live Linux. You don’t have to worry about a corrupt registry or missing system files, or blue screens of death all associated with Microsoft Windows. There are many Live Linux cd’s available keep trying them and I’m sure you will find one that you like. Plus it’s like booting into a new computer every time you boot up – because the cd does not change or get corrupted or infected. What could be better. Most cd burning programs such as Nero make it very easy to burn an .iso image. Just look for the option to burn a disc image. Point to your .iso file and burn it. If  you use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express stop using it – I see these programs get corrupted beyond repair all the time. Then you lose your mail, address book, and everything. I suggest using a webmail service like Gmail, or Yahoo Mail. You can access your webmail from any computer and it also works great with a Live Linux cd. The likelyhood of losing your address book or mail with a webmail service is highly unlikely. Safe browsing and safe email. What could be better.


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